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'[PIC] PIC development under Linux with Wine.'
2005\05\26@172550 by Walter Banks

picon face
Wine and similar programs for Unix/Linux and most mac's have
become so good at duplicating the functionality of the windows
environment that all a product developer has to do is obey the
rules and not circumvent the operating system. We (Byte Craft)
looked at development parings a couple years ago and decided
that the alternative of a clean implementation made more sense.
This approach significantly reduces the costs and improves the
reliability for a small market product.


"Alan B. Pearce" wrote:

> But they could do if they wanted, using tools such as Delphi/Kylix, or
> similar C tool pairings. Sure it would have an initial hurdle to get it onto
> a compatible compiler pair, but once there it would require minimal work to
> do the cross development.

2005\05\27@000545 by Chen Xiao Fan

Just hope more company will do this as well especially
for toolchain vendors.

Byte Craft(?? do not know their current PICC tools though)
/Hitech /CCS are doing a good job here in the
PICC market.

However I see difficulties when it comes to hardware
support. Maybe it is really difficult to follow this
approach since the driver models are quite different
and Wine's hardware support is lagging.


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