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'[PIC] Need simple schematic for 16f648a'
2005\12\14@123126 by Shay


I'm a newbie trying to do my first Blinking LED project.  Problem is, I
can't find a schematic that shows how to wire up my chip.  I have +5v
going to the chip and ground going to the chip, but what else do I need
to do?  Do I need to hook up an oscilator?  I thought it had one built in..

I've compiled and programmed the following simple program:

I'm not sure which exact pin on the chip this should modify, but I tried
all of them and none did anything so I'm obviously not doing something
right.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Once I figure out how to
get the chip wired up and get this program running, I should be past the
first major hurdle.. :)

Thanks everyone for all your help,

2005\12\14@150137 by Jan-Erik Soderholm

face picon face
Shay wrote :

> Subject: [PIC] Need simple schematic for 16f648a

Maybe you could use :

(Look for 16F628...)


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