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'[PIC] Morse speed -- 11 instructions! -sorry: not '
2007\03\19@180416 by Robert Ammerman

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Sorry Steve, you forgot to include the "incf delay,f" at Delay_routine_1 in
your count.

And, as Harold noted, we need a clrc before the rlf

So, at this point the best we have is 13 instructions.

For amusement, here is another way to set up the argument to the delay
routine, this time with the assumption that it expects its argument in W,
and returns W == 0:

   rlf    bits,f

; next instruction is very sneaky. it depends on the
; fact that CARRY is the LSBIT of STATUS
   rlf    STATUS,W
   andlw 2        ; W is now 0 or 2

Unfortunately this doesn't save us any instructions

Bob Ammerman


Steve Smith's version:

    movwf bits
    rlf bits,f

; cy is 0 for a DIT, 1 for  a DAH, so...

   Skpnc ; carry is valid from the rotate
    Bsf delay_count,1 ; delay is 2 or 0
    bsf portb,1  ; turn on tone generator
    call delay_routine_1
    bcf portb,1  ; turn off tone generator
    call delay_routine_1
    bra loop

    Incf delay,f        <--this is instruction 12

2007\03\19@183327 by Steve Smith

I see the error of my ways... Cant count....
Also the carry needs to be cleared not just tested or it will wrap around
into the bits reg on the second iteration, where in your original routine it
was used as the delay bit 0


{Original Message removed}

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