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'[PIC] Microchip AN1003'
2005\09\11@020453 by Denny Esterline

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Just dug this up on the mchip site, thought it might be worth mentioning to
the list.

Title:  USB Mass Storage Device Using a PIC MCU
Name:  AN1003
Date:  8/30/05
Author:  Gurinder Singh
Description:  This application note describes the design and implementation
of a USB Mass Storage Device (MSD) using a Secure Digital card
Keywords:  Mass Storage, USB, Secure Digital, Flash Media, Multimedia,


2005\09\11@202357 by Ishaan Dalal

Why are they putting out code for even PIC18 devices in "only-C18" form?
No love to ASM enthusiasts any more? :(


Denny Esterline wrote:
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2005\09\12@011010 by M. Adam Davis

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Having recently studied what it takes to make a USB mass storage
device, I certianly wouldn't want to do the entire thing in assembly.

Aside from the practical side of the decision, one may also want to
point out that C18 is a product which, I assume, they profit from.  It
would make sense to promote that product in any way possible.


On 9/11/05, Ishaan Dalal <> wrote:
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> -

2005\09\12@013303 by Chen Xiao Fan

This is not because of the reason that C18 is a commercial product.
I guess Microchip will be more than happy to give it for free if
one will buy a lot of PIC chips. Another reason is because of
the third party ISVs like Hi-Tech and IAR and Microchip can not
simply gives C18/C30 for free. More choices is generally better than
only one choice (even a free one).

As for the practical side, C18/C30 are good choice for high-end
PIC18 and dsPICs and they are more C-friendly. Assembly is always
necessary but may take longer time to develop something like
USB framework or similar. The maintenance will also be a problem.

Of course, one could always do it since MPASM and MPASM30 are
both free. I know from Microchip Forum USB section that people
(pacer?) have created assembly based USB framework based on the
old 16C745/765 code base. But it can not be released to the
public. Olin College (bminch) has assembly based USB firmwares for
16C/18F USB parts as well. There is another attempt to create an
equivalent of Microchip USB firmware based on disassembly of the hex
file and the C18 source code. It is not fully working yet though.
For more information, please go to Microchip Forum USB section.


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