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'[PIC] MPLAB ICD2 under Linux'
2005\11\30@193759 by Chen Xiao Fan

Sorry if you receive this twice since I have some problems
with the Gmail account recently.

-----Original Message-----
From: Xiaofan Chen
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 7:01 PM
Cc: Microcontroller discussion list - Public.
Subject: [gnupic] MPLAB ICD2 under Linux

Hope this is interesting to both lists.

>From the site:
Particle Programming using the MPLAB ICD2 with Linux
Please see our Particle How-To page for an overview as well.

The MPLAB ICD2 can be used with Linux! The original files our code
heavily bases on use the LPLAB code from

Though, the LPLAB code was not working for our PIC18F6720 from
Microchip, due to problems with parsing the compiled HEX files, the
communication with the serial port as well as the communication
protocoll which relied on an old and hard-to-get MPLAB ICD2 firmware.

Our version works with the MPLAB ICD2 firmware supplied with
Microchip's MPLAB 7.21, but should work with any firmware versions.
The MPLAB ICD2 is connected to the computer using the serial port, or,
preferred, the USB port.

Currently, we can

set the configuration bits
download HEX files generated with the CCSC C compiler and
program Particles with it
verifiy the downloaded code
use USB or serial connection
The tool currently provides a command line interfaces. We currently
provide the raw sources which so far have been tested with Debian and
Gentoo Linux.

If you have questions on the ICD2 programmer code for Linux, please
contact us at icd2linux @

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