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'[PIC] Large byte arrays on PIC24H'
2007\03\02@105709 by Harold Hallikainen

I need to store some arrays of bytes that are larger than the PSV window.
The User Guide
on pdf page 177 gives the following sample code:

const __attribute__((space(const)))
char my_const_array[10] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};

My code :

const __attribute__((space(const)))
uint8_t fox[]={
  #include "images/fox1.txt"

gives a syntax error:
error: syntax error before "const"

I DO have uint8_t defined in a typedef, so that's ok.

If I change the line to this:

const uint8_t fox[]={
   #include "images/fox1.txt"

it compiles ok, but I run out of PSV space (actually, I CAN compile with
one image array, but when I put in more, I run out of PSV space).

So... What is a good line of code to put my byte array in code space? Does
anyone have a sample of inline assembly to use table access to read a byte
from the array?



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