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'[PIC] LINX 900 transceiver'
2005\05\04@020616 by Alison Lewis

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Well it seems I never got my LINX transceivers to work
with my pic16f series. They don’t have any data signal
at all. I know its not the circuit because it works
with separate transmitters and receiver modules. My
circuit is running on 5V, AND after talking to a
friend of mine, he pointed out that since the
transceiver is working with RS232, it needs 9V and a
separate chip.

Is this true? If so, why do the materials say that it
works with 5V? and why does it say UART-compatible
data output?

After learning all this and that this particular
transceiver is being discontinued, I would prefer a
transceiver chip that works with 5v and talks directly
to the UART. Any favorite companies or chips out

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2005\05\04@101243 by alan smith

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Little more expensive, but excellent product.

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