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'[PIC] Is MCLR disable on dsPIC30F2011 really that '
2011\11\08@034603 by Electron


I mean, if I disable it, I should get these advantages:

1) an additional input: and it's NOT the case, i.e. there's no multiplexed
function with MCLR on this MPU. So I get nothing by disabling MCLR.

2) one less thing to bother (in fact I don't need a manual reset button in
my application). So I'd just disable MCLR and tie the pin to Vss or Vdd.
However, the data sheet recommends to put a resistor in between, even when
MCLR is disabled. So what is the usefulness in disabling it then, if not
even external components count diminishes?

Perhaps my reasoning is correct: I noticed that PIC32 cannot even disable
MCLR anymore (at least not those chips I worked with so far).


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