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'[PIC] IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 MAPM ISALI'
2009\01\26@230147 by solarwind

picon face
I emailed the guy who maintains MAPM and explained him my situation.
He made a few changes to MAPM and sent me the patched files. I tried
again to compile and run it and it worked!

MAPM worked in C30!

It's very tight on memory as I set the chip to the PIC 24 HJ 128 GP
202 with only 8K RAM. I'm now trying to optimize the library as much
as possible. The important thing is that MAPM works on PIC micro
controllers now. Precision is only limited by memory! It doesn't work
on 8 bit chips due to the compiler. Since the C30/C32 compilers are
based on gcc, it's compiling perfectly.

I simulated my code in the simulator and everything is working
perfectly! 16 digits of precision yields an out of memory error but
I'm going to fix that soon. For now, 10 digits of precision is working
fine and it's all I need. The only issue now is the speed of
execution. The add function is very fast but the sin function seems to
be taking about one second in the simulator. I wonder how slow it
would be in real life.

Anyway, here's my code:

Output from simulator:

If anyone has one of these chips or similar, would you be willing to
test out my hex file for me to see how fast it runs? Please?


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