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'[PIC] HiTec C ver 8.02 problem'
2006\03\22@130653 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.

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I finally got a new laptop running XP Pro and have been installing stuff to transfer from my old Toshiba running win98.
I installed MPLAB7.3 and PICC 8.02. Got the compiler activated and moved my old projects from the old system to the new. On the old system I had been using MPLAB 5.xx for some legacy projects. I took a project that compiles and runs fine from the old system and decided to test the new system. I created a new project and pulled in the C source file. Made sure the tools are found and set the environment variables for the error and warning messages.
When I compile it stops with two errors about not finding enough memory on the psect ctext0 and text0 for segment entry and segment code. It has been so long since I set up the old system I am not sure where the problem is coming from. The problem may be some setting in the new MPLAB or a system setting I forgot to make under XP that is set in win98 in an autoexec file or something. Any suggestions welcome. I am putting together some info for Hi Tech but that will take some time and the time zone difference contributes to the delays.
Thanks in advance

'[PIC] HiTec C ver 8.02 problem'
2006\04\03@064222 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.
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Solved it. It seems I had linked in an old version on my old system
and it was a LOT more efficient in optimization when it comes to if
statement compares. The new compiler was running out of ROM space in
the one bank. I changed from testing for 0 and 1 to using a logical
type comparison and the compiler generated much more compact code so
I am now good to go. It seems the old version understood the context
and optimized it down all by itself.

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