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'[PIC] FW: [Sdcc-user] PIC14 port matures'
2005\11\03@172902 by James Newton, Host

face picon face
If this was posted previously I missed it...

...seems like something people here would love to know about.

Scott has said that SDCC needs LOTS of help, and top level help at that, but
perhaps little by little, some of us little folks can help to get it closer.

I personally would love to run SDCC as part of a "compile farm" at that would allow people to use the program without having to
install it. That assumes someone builds a win32 exe.


{Original Message removed}

2005\11\03@192004 by Chen Xiao Fan

Hi James,

SDCC works with Windows and Linux. The Win32 snapshot is cross-compiled
from Linux and seems not to include the PIC14 port (I need to check again
since it is changing very fast these days). However the source code
can be built under Windows with Cygwin environment with MingW and
there is also a Visual C++ project as well.

Actually all the three major GNUPIC projects (gputils, gpsim and
SDCC work under Windows along with Linux).

I am still a beginner in GNUPIC tools though. So I think Scott and
others can give you better ideas on how to set up compiler farm
under Windows.


Eg: SDCC working under Windows:

C:\software\sdcc\pic16>sdcc -v
SDCC : mcs51/gbz80/z80/avr/ds390/pic16/pic14/TININative/xa51/ds400/hc08
2.5.4 #1
138 (Oct 31 2005) (MINGW32)

C:\software\sdcc\pic16>sdcc -mpic16 -p18f452 wave.c
Processor: 18f452
message: using default linker script "C:\Program

C:\software\sdcc\pic16>dir wave.*
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is AC77-5153

Directory of C:\software\sdcc\pic16

11/04/2005  08:27 AM             4,777 wave.asm
08/01/2005  09:45 AM             1,861 wave.c
11/04/2005  08:27 AM             7,680 wave.cod
11/04/2005  08:27 AM               752 wave.hex
11/04/2005  08:27 AM            14,856 wave.lst
11/04/2005  08:27 AM             4,134 wave.o
              6 File(s)         34,060 bytes
              0 Dir(s)  67,056,881,664 bytes free

{Original Message removed}

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