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'[PIC] Enhanced Flash Question'
2007\01\16@194030 by Rob Santello

Hello Group,

  I'm relatively new at this and am working on a new project. I'm
currently using a 18F452 and know about the 18F4520 as its new
replacement. I don't know how much memory Ill need and would like to
prototype using a similar part with the most program memory
available. Looking at the available parts, I happened across the
18F4685 but have a question relating to Flash vs Enhanced Flash. I'm
currently using a clone ICD2 for programming and debugging. Will the
ICD2 work with a non-Enhanced Flash part like the 4685? Is there a
document which details the differences between the two types of
Flash? I'd like to know what capabilities I'm losing with a
non-Enhanced Flash part.


2007\01\16@195354 by Michael Rigby-Jones

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{Quote hidden}

The 18F4685 is an enhanced flash device according to it's datasheet.



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