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'[PIC] Disabling Timer 1 on 16F88'
2007\01\17@195829 by Paul Anderson

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Here's a little bit of code I wrote to disable the Timer 1 oscillator
on the 16F88:

banksel T1CON                        ; Attempting to disable Timer 1 oscillator
movlw b'00000100'
movwf T1CON                

Does that code look like it'll work?  This actualy relates to my
stability problems earlier.  I have found that pulling RB6 and RB7 low
seemed to help the chip run.  Noting on the datasheet that these pins
are both related to the Timer 1 module, I was wondering if disabling
it might help this condition.  Or, are there better methods of
handling this without adding external components?  I would very much
like it if I could leave the unused pins unconnected(I'm breadboarding
this, and would end up buried in resistors:P )

Paul Anderson

2007\01\18@012042 by Vasile Surducan

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AFIK there isn't any reason why the chip is not running without
pulling low the RB6 and RB7...
Read this one too, maybe it helps:


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