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PICList Thread
'[PIC] DIY programmer updates'
2005\08\02@220633 by Jim Robertson


Piclisters with a DIY K149 or K150 programmer.

I am well advanced in adding new PICs to the chipinfo file that will program with the
existing DIYPACK25 firmware and software.

As there is a lot of effort going into this project I would like to gauge the level of
interest. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the work. Please let anyone
you know who may be interested about these updates.

paidupdiycustomer at

This is what I have done so far.

10Fxxx (I did not added these but fixed existing entries and tested. They now work)
12F508, 509, 16F505 (added and tested)

A new chipinfo file with the above parts was uploaded to the DIY forum board. Ask for
it! I have done the work (for free!) so please ensure you get the benefit. It's costing
you nothing and you can have support for these PICs immediately!

Also added to a later file (work in progress) are these:

18F2331, 4331, 2431, 4431 (added tested)

There are yet more PICs that can be added that will be programmable with the existing
firmware. I intend to compile a list as soon as I can and maybe write a guide on how
to cut and paste to create new chipinfo entries the easy way. I may take requests to
add these myself.

The following devices can also be programmed with slightly modified firmware.
A patch I created has had independent testing and works well.

It adds All 32 18Fxxx parts covered by the 39662e programming spec. Note that this
includes the 18Fxxxx USB parts.

• PIC18F2321 • PIC18F2421
• PIC18F4321 • PIC18F4421
• PIC18F2410 • PIC18F4410
• PIC18F2420 • PIC18F4420
• PIC18F2455 • PIC18F4455
• PIC18F2480 • PIC18F4480
• PIC18F2510 • PIC18F4510
• PIC18F2515 • PIC18F4515
• PIC18F2520 • PIC18F4520
• PIC18F2525 • PIC18F4525
• PIC18F2550 • PIC18F4550
• PIC18F2580 • PIC18F4580
• PIC18F2585 • PIC18F4585
• PIC18F2610 • PIC18F4610
• PIC18F2620 • PIC18F4620
• PIC18F2680 • PIC18F4680

I expect to expand the patch to allow almost all (if not, then all) 18Fxxx parts. (does not include
the 'J' series)


(Tested) means basic testing only. There may be obscure bugs and errors in the chipinfo file.
Users are to take care and be observant.

MicroPro only allows up to 34 unique config word entries. While this is more than enough for most
PICs there are few that require more. The 18F USB pics are amongst these. To work around this
problem, a few config word settings are not available through the programming software. However
all settings can be specified in the source code. I plan to make available the full list of settings to
allow users to customize there own tables.

There is a bug in MicroPro that affects the 12-bit core flash parts with calibration. (10F, 12F, 16F50x)
The manual erase rewrites the OSCCAL to the wrong address. Fortunately this does not happen
with the Auto erase cycle prior to a programming cycle.

Ok, I'll get back to it. Meantime, let me know if you are interested in this project.

There is more information available here:


Jim Robertson

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