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'[PIC] Compiler Micro C review'
2012\04\28@015817 by Chetan Bhargava

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I understand that it has been discussed before and I don't intend to
start a compiler war. I just would like to invite comments on MicroC
compiler from I believe that it comes with a pretty good

Any comments would be appreciated.


2012\04\28@103120 by John Ferrell

I have been a miKro Pascal user for about 10 years. Buy once, updates for life. Continuous enhancements & new chip support. Forums are active & supported. The new USB dongle allows easy portability. You can use all of the compilers for free with a limit of 2k code generation. They try to keep their customers happy. All compilers for micro's that I am familiar with have data structures. No "with", "Record", "variant", etc.

As far as code size generated, efficiency, etc, I don't know.

Schematics for hardware, manuals, etc are available online.

On 4/28/2012 1:58 AM, Chetan Bhargava wrote:
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-- John Ferrell W8CCW
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  Telling the TRUTH becomes a revolutionary act”
     George Orwell

2012\04\28@114029 by Vicent Colomar Prats

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For me, the only drawback I found is in adc library (for dspic 30F4011). It
seems to be configured at slowest speed and has not options to change it
(CCS has). I needed to made conversions at maximum speed, so I ended up
working with registers directly.
For the rest it is fine for me ( hobby use), I prefer mikroC more than CCS,
wich, I think, is it's direct competitor.

El sábado 28 de abril de 2012, John Ferrell <>
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2012\04\28@142711 by Chetan Bhargava

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Thanks for the comments. Their pricing is indeed very good as compared
to Microchip/Hitech. I have used their trial version and I like the
set of libraries that are available. Are there any other compilers
with similar range of libraries?


Chetan Bhargava

On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 8:40 AM, Vicent Colomar Prats
<> wrote:
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