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PICList Thread
'[PIC] Beta Testers'
2007\01\03@194600 by Lou - roboDNA


I am looking for some PIC users to test out a PC based application I am
writting.  It allows users to remotely operate PIC based devices from a PC
over RS-232, TCP/IP, 802.11.

If anyone has a robot/device which requires a visual PC interface, check it
out and provide feedback if possible.

Free Download at

e: lou_at_

2007\01\03@204319 by scott larson

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Looks like a really nice GUI, I'll have to check it out.


On 1/3/07, Lou - roboDNA <> wrote:
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> -

2007\01\03@212534 by Lou - roboDNA

I included some sample C code for MPLAB C18.  There is also default/sample
workspace with Dashboard gauges for the PicDem2 Evaluation kit.  The default
settings for communication baut rate and comm timeout (TIMER0) is set for the
4Mhz Osc., but can easily be changed.  Just let me know if you have
questions, and I'll help you get driving.


On Wednesday 03 January 2007 20:43, scott larson wrote:
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2007\01\04@053729 by Michael Rigby-Jones

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The GUI looks very nice indeed, I can see a lot of hard work went into it and I'm keen to try it.

I have a question regarding the abilities of the GUI to use custom packet protocols.  I have looked through the "Dashboard Designer" PDF, and saw the support for the roboDNA Helix protocol; would it be possible for users to add their own existing packet based protocol to the gui, either using built in functions or via some kind of plugin?

The packet structure I have in mind is quite simple, 4 byte outgoing packet followed by 4 byte response.  Each packet contains 8 bit register number, 16 bit data, 4 bit checksum, read/write bit and a couple of status bits.  I can give you more details if needed.

Best regards


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2007\01\04@232046 by Lou - roboDNA

Hi Mike,

        Thanks for checking things out.  Still a work in progress:)

        The app does provide a way for me to have different protocols 'plug
in', but
it has not been implemented yet.  I hard coded the Lego and Helix protocols
for now to get going/debuging.  It's shoudl be fairly easy for me to add
more 'hard coded' protocols in the meantime.   There are a few protocols out
there now and I am thinking of supporting many of them.  ( providing a way to
have Dahsboard Controls plug in as well )  I was going to add MODBUS next,
but am currently trying to figure out how to include USB driver based
protocols like  Once I have that type of protocol working
within my app, I can continue working on the plug-in model for other.  (
althought it may be more difficult when I implement it )

        As you can see from the MPLAB C code, I can configure the helix
packet header.  Currently the header includes a slaveID byte, OpCode (
register number ) byte, and SizeOfPayload byte ( 2 in your case ) followed by
the Data Payload bytes ( 2 bytes ) and a 2 CRC checksum bytes.  I can set the
order in which these bytes appear in code, and also optionally use an 8 bit
CRC.  So out of the box, that is the closest I could come to your protocol.  
Is the protocol you are using some type of standard or a custom setup?  I'm
sure we can get it going.

        Do you use slave IDs?


On Thursday 04 January 2007 05:38, Michael Rigby-Jones wrote:
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