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'[PIC] BBC R4 198kHz phase mod data'
2005\05\04@091233 by Peter Onion

In the UK, the BBC Radio 4 transmission on 198kHz is controlled by a
rubidium frequency standard and thus is suitable for us as a off-the-air
frequency standard.

While developing the hardware to lock a 12.288Mhz crystal to the 198kHz
carrier I've accidentally build a detector for the 25 bit/sec data that
is phase modulated onto the carrier.

See for details of the
modulation scheme and data formats.

So, my question is...  Does anyone have any PIC code for processing the
detected bit stream to recover and check the date/time packets
that I can use as a starting point ?

I've seen code for MSF decoding (and I've written some myself) but this
is a bit more difficult.


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