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'[PIC] Are PIC32?s harder to use than PIC18?s?'
2011\12\27@233145 by Matt Bennett

On Tue, December 27, 2011 7:28 pm, Nathan House wrote:
> I?ve used PIC18 microcontrollers for hobby projects for a few years
> and have been considering picking up (or making) a general purpose
> PIC32 experimentation board. Having never programmed a PIC32 before,
> I?m wondering if it would be much more difficult to use (such as the
> configuration, using the peripherals, etc..) than a PIC18
> microcontroller?
> I realize this is kind of a broad question, as there may be things
> that are ?harder? or ?easier? for both the PIC18 and PIC32, but I?m
> just asking ?in general.?
> Appreciate your advice!

I find PIC32 lots easier. The peripherals are similar, though setting up
the oscillator is a bit more complex. The added resources (RAM in
particular) makes development quicker. The PIC32 may be a bit more
expensive but relatively, particularly in the case of small scale
development, the added features, speed, and development features more than
makes up for it (IMO)

Matt Bennett
Just outside of Austin, TX

The views I express are my own, not that of my employer, a large
multinational corporation that you are familiar with

2011\12\28@003432 by Harold Hallikainen

If you do stuff in C, the PIC32 is quite easy to use. Digging around in
assembly and linker scripts takes some getting used to. In general, as
I've started new projects, I first started with PIC16, then PIC18, then
PIC24H, and now am doing everythi8ng new with PIC32. I did do one recent
project with a pic18f24k something that runs at 64MHz since it was a
pretty small project.


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