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'[PIC] 18FXX20 downgrade to 25MHz'
2002\09\14@144848 by Stefano

It seems that the 18FXX20 have been downgraded to 25MHz, due to some flash
memory speed concern.
Forntunately, since I do program in ASM, there is the workout, and full
40MHz can be achieved.
For C programs, since the used does not control the order of instruction,
the proper workout might be impossible..


"information guessed by inspection of the Microchip website".

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2002\09\18@022446 by M. Adam Davis

It seems no one else responded (I thought someone else would chime in,
so I didn't until now)

I took a quick peek around the site again after reading this message,
but can't find anything which would suggest this.

Could you append links to the pages/documents that indicate this, and
the inspection necessary to conclude this?

You also suggest there is a workaround, would you spend some time



Stefano wrote:

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2002\09\19@210335 by Stefano

Hi Adam,

The proper errata document IS NOT in the 18FXX20 page. Dont know the
reason... some brain damage around.
Anyway, go through the ERRATA DOCUMENT LIST
and get
PIC18FXX20 Rev. A3 Silicon/Data Sheet Errata
Page 1:
Module Core (Voltage vs Freq).
The device may not operate properly at frequecies exceeding 25MHz.....
Work around NONE....

Stefano Curtarolo

On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, M. Adam Davis wrote:

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