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'[PIC] 18F USB under Linux'
2005\11\07@193149 by Chen Xiao Fan

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The first thing is that I am not so sure 18F2455 is a beginner chip
or not. It is a USB part. USB is not so easy and I am facing a steep
learning curve here. I have learned something on the host side and
now I am looking at the firmware side.

I wrote the howto. However the hardware portion (ICD2, etc) and the
MPLAB IDE part do not work under Wine. pikdev may be a good choice
under Linux but I have not used it. I am okay with command line
applications under Linux and Windows.

18F2455 is a USB MCU. For programmers under Linux, I will recommend
Wisp628 with the xwisp2 version 1.8.1 by Rob Hamerling
at It works under OS2/Linux/Windows/MacOS X.
Maybe there are some software work under Linux for other programmers
as well but I am not so sure. Take a look at the PIC18FUSB wiki at .

Microchip Forum USB section is very good place to go as well.

For the host application, take a look at libusb/libusb-win32 project.

For Linux PIC development, take a look at GNUPIC website and
subscribe to GNUPIC mailing list.

For the assembly part, gputils work very well under Linux and Windows.

For assembler based USB firmware, take a look at Olin College's
excellent website. It should be easily adapted to gpasm. MPASM under
Linux with Wine is also okay.

For the simulator part, take a look at gpsim. Not so sure if it works
with the 18F USB parts.

For the C compiler, take a look at SDCC. Of course, Microchip MPLAB
C18 3.0 student version works under Linux with Wine as well. With
most of the USB firmware written in C18, this may be a good choice.


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