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'[PIC] 16F505 and Sim HELP!'
2006\01\10@165110 by Mike Hagen

Anyone had problems the MPLAB Sim with the user data memory variables not
getting changed.
I worked at first.  Actually got the simulator running including WDT and

I used a watch windows and things were fine, I saw my variables changing.
Breakpoints stopped and the output window acknowledged the WDT timed out.  I
was a happy boy for about an hour!

Then they quit getting up-dated along the way?
Something went South!  Even at the beginning, in initializing there values,
they don't change in
the watch window?

I wonder if I can delete the watch window a start a new one?  The addresses
show up at the correct Cblock places.  I started at 0x08 on the 16F505.  The
values just down change when you load them?

Also, in this part, the user ram is split into 4 banks of 15 plus the small
block above 0x08-0x1f

I got errors trying to use the upper banks?   Is there something I have to
do the the FSR to get to locations at 30 or 50 h?  Bits 5&6 are suppost to
select these banks?  I didn't figure that out either.

I think I may have to start a whole new project file?  Maybe the watch
window is botched?

I am giving up for now, I already don't like this processor.

And I thought is was going to be easy!

Crestline, Ca.

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