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'[PIC] - ?? - error - vprintf cannot fit section - '
2007\03\02@101832 by Carl Denk

As a newbie, so I understand this splitting process and this MPLAB with C18:
1: Make a new file, say "SPLIT.C", name doesn't have to match anything
2: Cut/Paste one or more functions from the original "C" file to the new
file and save
3: Add the new file to the project so now there are 2 (could be more)
source files.
4: Do I need an #include <split.c> in the main file ??
5: Are there any gotcha's like "external", "static" or other
declarations to be careful about, or if it ran before, it should run now.

Thanks ahead of time. :)

Nigel Duckworth wrote:
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2007\03\03@011457 by Nigel Duckworth

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Hi Carl,

I started to list my approach and managed to confuse myself! I'm also a
separate-compilation newbie so rather than lead you astray please try
these sites;

Feel free to email me off-list.

Good luck.


Carl Denk wrote:
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2007\03\03@085738 by Carl Denk

Thanks much !! That last link in particular sure brings together  a lot
of items in easy to understand words, all newbies should absorb it.

Nigel Duckworth wrote:
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