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'[PIC] udata not recognised by linker for 16F874'
2007\10\07@162332 by Wed

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I am new to relocatable code. As I have moved a project that compiles for the
PIC16F84 to the PIC16F874A, this new error has popped up:

error: linker script has no definition that matches the type of section
Error code: 256

I have read the datasheet, and searched for the word "udata" in the piclist
archive. There were matches, but I didn't identify my problem among them.

Best regards!
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2007\10\07@165140 by Jan-Erik Soderholm

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Try to change UDATA to UDATA_SHR in your RES directives.

The 874 has no "unshared memory". See datasheet and
the LKR file.

On the other side it has no 100% "unbanked memory" either,
so I guess you'll still need to use BANKSEL (or any other
method to keep your bank settings correkt).


Wed wrote:
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