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'[PIC] EasyProg Problems'
2006\04\11@071208 by olin piclist

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David Corrigan wrote:
> Vdd: .016
> Vpp: 9.82
> PGC: .001
> PGD: 0

Now we've got the voltages, but when do these voltage occur?  Right after
power up?  You said something about running PIC_CTRL.

Also, did you get this as a complete kit?  Bare board and supply the parts
yourself?  Built completely yourself from the schematic and BOM?

> LM324N pins 1 - 14:
> 1: .972

Look at the schematic on page 1 and you should be able to see immediately
that there is a problem here.  The opamp output pin 1 is driving Q3 as an
emitter follower, which drives Vpp.  The opamp pin is at 1V, yet Vpp is at
10V.  That is clearly wrong.  Either something is shorted and driving Vpp
high, or Q3 is installed wrong, the wrong part, broken, etc.

Does this make sense to you?  Do you understand the schematic so that you
can see this is clearly wrong?

> 2: 13.34

This is indicating the Vpp current clamp is on, which should never happen
during normal operation.  Note that pin 6 is also high for the same reason.

> 3: 0
> 4: 15.39

What power supply are you using?  This is below spec, but probably due to
something else drawing high current.

> 5: 0
> 6:13.36
> 7: 14.11

This makes no sense.  Can't you see that pin 7 should be low when pin 5 is
low and pin 6 high?  If you don't have this level of electronics background,
you shouldn't be trying to build this design on your own.  This isn't a
HeathKit.  I suspect you either installed the wrong transistors for Q3 and
Q4, or installed them backwards.

> 8: .475
> 9: 0
> 10: 0

This opamp looks right.

> 11: 0

> 12: .011
> 13: .013
> 14: .529

This also looks right.

> A few pins from the pic that might help:
> 3: 0
> 9: 0
> 10: 0
> 11: 0
> 13: 5.0

That all looks correct for the power up state.

> Pin 1 on the Ziff Socket: 14..83

Huh?  Where the #%$*!@ did 83V come from?  What kind of power supply are you
driving this with?

Again, how much of the circuit do you understand?

Embed Inc, Littleton Massachusetts, (978) 742-9014.  #1 PIC
consultant in 2004 program year.

2006\04\11@215912 by kravnus wolf

picon face
I do notice that most kits do require quite a high
understanding of digital electronics in my view. Is
there anyway to easy the learning for newbies? Some of
them which could be plenty of them could not afford
the complete kit (keen students) therefore could it be
possible that you could ease their learning here? Your
kits are one of the better programmers out there.
PICkit is so so but the user would soon out grow it.


--- Olin Lathrop <> wrote:

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> Embed Inc, Littleton Massachusetts, (978) 742-9014.
> #1 PIC
> consultant in 2004 program year.
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