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PICList Thread
'[PIC] : - Code Conversion'
2001\03\15@123334 by Sam Meleki

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How easy is it to convert Motorolla 6811 assembly code to PIC16F877 assembly
code?  Is it easier, or even substantially easier than writing the PIC
assembly code from scratch?

THanks, in advance
Sam Meleki
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2001\03\15@125238 by Steve Bergerson

Probably easier to write PIC code from scratch.  But a good project would be
a PIC to M68hc11 cross assembler.  Want to start it?

From Steve
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2001\03\15@183044 by Bill Westfield

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   How easy is it to convert Motorolla 6811 assembly code to PIC16F877
   assembly code?  Is it easier, or even substantially easier than
   writing the PIC assembly code from scratch?

I would think it would be very hard.  The 6811 is one of those "nice"
procesors vaguely copying the pdp11, with shared code/data space, stack in
memory (16 bit stack pointer), multiple (16 bit) index registers and fancy
addressing modes, two 8-bit accumulators that merge to allow some 16bit
math, and so on.  It's very different than a PIC.  (I don't think you'd
ever get a SW geek to claim that the PIC has a "nice" architecture.)


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2001\03\15@215527 by myke predko

Hi Sam,

It doesn't look like anybody picked up the challenge so I'll put in my two
cents worth.

The big questions that I would have are:

1.  How much space is taken up by the HC11 code?  If you're talking 30K,
then you probably cannot convert them.  If you're talking less than 5K, then
you probably could.
2.  What are the HC11 peripherals being used?  There are a *lot* of
different HC11s and MANY have peripheral sets that are different from the
3.  Following with 2.  What are the resources required by the application?
The HC11 can have a lot of SRAM, which can make it difficult for the
4.  Is there any critically timed code?  No matter what, if there is, this
code will have to be rewritten for the PICmicro.

Ideally, I would look at creating a set of macros which converted the HC11
instructions into PICmicro instructions (like Parallax's instruction set)
and just run the source code through it.

Chances of this happening?  Probably very close to zero.

The question now is, is it faster trying to do this than trying to write the
PICmicro application from scratch?

I would say that if you were to take the code and try and convert it to
PICmicro assembler, it will take you a very long time - much longer than if
you did it from scratch.

But...  If you spent the time understanding how the application worked to
the point where you could draw out a flowchart of the code or write out
pseudo code of the application, I would think that it would be a lot shorter
for you and chances are your application debug would not be that significant
because you know exactly what you want the code to do.



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