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PICList Thread
'[EE] S&I Motorcom protocol'
2009\02\18@044507 by James Hillman

"Motorcom is a master handler for use with S&I Motor Manager I and II. It is
the original protocol supported by S&I but has been largely superseded by
Modbus and extended Modbus". It was used in the early 1990s and is similar
to Modbus apparently. Googling hasn't helped.

I have one of these old Motor Managers on my desk and I am trying to reverse
engineer the protocol, since even S&I no longer know how it works (or so
they say). Basically I have an RS485 connection, and know from its control
panel that  its communication address is 3. I have tried sending various
strings of data to it, but so far no response.

This is a complete longshot but does anyone know anything about this
protocol (or even heard of it!).


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