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'[PIC]:Write_eeprom() lock up PIC16LF84 but not RI'
2001\05\13@191458 by Paul Gaastra

Hello,  I have some code (compiled by CCS pcm compiler) which
sends my PIC16LF84 into never never land.  When I try to see
what's happening by plugging in my RICE 17A instead of the real
chip, the code does not lock up.

I know the problem is caused by function calls which contain the
CCS library function Write_Eeprom().  Does anyone have any ideas
whats goes on.

How does the RICE 17A handle the EEPROM stuff?


Paul Gaastra
Technology Development Group, Hort Research
Private Bag 3123            phone +64 7 8584745
Hamilton, NEW ZEALAND         fax +64 7 8584705

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2001\05\13@204414 by Peter Grey

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At 11:11 AM 5/14/2001 +1200, you wrote:

You may want to check the MCLR line to ensure that it is tied high and does
not reset the chip. The 2 differences between the RICE17A and using a chip
is the reset line is not active and the target board crystal is not used by
the emulator.

Good luck,

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