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PICList Thread
2001\04\04@070245 by TONY BAIA

I have posted this message again in case some subscribers
filter their mail to only receive certain topics.

To all PICLIST subscribers, it seems that I have inadvertently
infected your machines with the snow white virus (???.HYBRIS.GEN)

The virus modifies the Winsock32.dll file and then monitors both
incoming and outgoing mail traffic. Once it obtains e-mail addresses as in the
case of the piclist, it propagates itself  without user intervention.

Information concerning this virus and its eradication can be found on the Symantec site,
home of the Norton antivirus software.

I apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused to the piclist contributors.

Should you require any further information do not hesitate to contact me.

Tony Baia
Centurion Systems
P.O.Box 506
Cramerview 2060
South Africa
Tel     : +27-11-462-4499
Fax     : +27-11-704-3412
e-mail  :
Web     :

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ways.  See for details.

2001\04\05@130832 by Raymond Choat

So how do we remove it? Went to site you said and it sounds like you already
have to have thier program.

{Original Message removed}

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