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'[PIC]:Timer Tribulations'
2001\02\22@110537 by jamesnewton

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Bob said:
(barring power
failure, which is very rare except for local problems due to storms, etc.)
[And California's problems due to stupidity :-) ].

I'd speak up and defend the honor of my state if I had time before my UPS

...keep in mind that about 75% of the worlds (yes worlds) internet servers
are in southern California and we are %12 of the US economy: This is going
to effect a lot of people.

In my own defense, I didn't vote for any of those people...

...I'm on high moral ground because I didn't, err... vote... Hummm... maybe
I should have been more involved.

James Newton, PICList Admin #3  1-619-652-0593

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