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'[PIC]:Problems with homebuilt ICD'
2002\04\26@113827 by jshroff


I recently built the ICD based on Patrick Touzet's schematics, and am having
the "Incorrect MCLR high voltage problem".

I read thru the archives and tried various suggestions without success.

Here are the details.

1. The ICD is able to program the target board fine.
2. I seem to be getting 13.5 volts on VPP and 5 volt VDD
3. In the options window, it shows VDD as 6.4 V and VPP as 21.8 V, but when
I measure the voltage at the header they are about 5.0 and 13 Volts.
4. As per the archive messages I tried putting in a 47 ohm resistor on the
cathode leg of the power LED, after which the voltages read 2.8 and 7.0 volt
and I get incorrect MCLR low voltage. a 33 ohm resistor gives me MCLR
voltage high.

In MPLAB the message I get is "Debug module is not exist"
                                       "Incorrect MCLR high voltage check ICD p0x764"

but it does programn the target chip right and I verified that the target
chip's MCLR is tied to 5 volts thru a 10K resistor and that VPP is directly
connected to MCLR.

I will try a pot tonight to see if it helps but I am wondering if anyone has
any other suggestions.


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