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'[PIC]:IR receiving serial data - solved'
2001\12\07@203115 by kben

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The 74HCT132 2 input NAND Schmitt Trigger was powering a transistor
to power the IR emitters, I removed the transistor and am now
feeding the emitters through a 1k resistor directly from the
74HCT132, and am getting about 90% accuracy with direct line of sight.
I will try slowing the baud rate to see if I can get 100% accuracy, I don't

need a high baud rate so this should be OK.
Thanks to all for help/suggestions,

>Hi Wouter,
>The circuit is figure 6 on this page
>I feed the 40khz carrier and the serial data into a
>74HCT132 2 input NAND Schmitt Trigger.

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