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'[PIC]:Emulators and money'
2001\02\09@173538 by jamesnewton

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Is anyone useing these things? Do they work? I'm not a big fan of ICE, but
the price is really amazing.

James Newton
1-619-652-0593 or .org

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2001\02\10@054946 by Tsvetan Usunov

>Is anyone useing these things? Do they work? I'm not a big fan of ICE, but
>the price is really amazing.
>James Newton

Hi James,

I have two ICEPIC Jnr 5X and they works fine for me already several years.
Never have had any problems, and their software outperforming MPLAB in any
ICEPIC do full emulation from 32 kHz to 20 MHz the input levels meet exactly
the PIC's levels as I have implemented several projects reading
potentiometer's value with RC time delays and never need to re-adjust the
times, the input thresholds of the emulator and OTP parts are the same.
The only difference with the expensive models is that no trace buffer, which
could be work around with more breakpoints ;)

My overall impression from RF Solution is that they have great products and
very lame sales.

When I ordered my emulators I was really pissed off their salesman John
Fairall. He send me invoice to my inquiry which was wrong - I paid the
amount (and have been charged $30 for the transfer by my bank to cover all
expenses) then I got note that the amount is wrong and have been asked to
pay another amount of "difference" between what they offered and what the
emulators cost. I made new transfer (again had to cover $30 bank charge) and
then I realized that this time they overbilled me 100 and something bucks.
After several e-mails (last one with warning that I'll post my experience to
PICLIST ;) ) I got reply from John that they will return the money they
received over the price. Of course the difference came back one month later
and with $30 less, charged by their bank as they made the payment without
covering this expense.
So due to their lame sales manager I paid $90 more for my two emulators. No
big deal, but I was really pissed off their attitude.
I promised myself to never buy anything else from them, but in December 2000
I broke my promise ;) as I wanted their ICEPIC Jnr 16.
It seems they didn't improve with the years, as on December 11 I made new
inquiry for ICEPICJNR16+JNRPB74A+delivery by airmail, and got reply on
December 20 with quotation for ICEPICJNR16+JNRPB74A+JNRPB77+delivery by UPS
(3 times more expensive).
This time I just gave up.
You can try - maybe you will have more luck ;)

PCB prototypes for $26 at

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2001\02\10@100453 by mike

On Sat, 10 Feb 2001 12:41:55 +0100, you wrote:

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Isn't this what credit cards were invented for ?  <snip>

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