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'[PIC]:El Cheapo Updates'
2001\02\20@005713 by myke predko

Hi Folks,

I just thought I would notify everyone that I have updated the El Cheapo
software and have placed it on my web page (

If you have bought "Programming and Customizing PICmicro(R)
Microcontrollers", I have placed version 0.60 on the site under the book's
page (version 0.50 comes with the book).  The updated code uses the same
reference designators as the PCB that comes with the book and has been
updated with some of the comments I've gotten from people who have had
problems with working with the programmer.

DIY Electronics ( is now offering a parts kit (with a
PIC16F84) for the El Cheapo - it is kit #161.  The kit itself is
unreasonably cheap, but gets very costly if you order one at a time and
shipping/bank charges get added to it.  As soon as I hear of distributors
that are carrying the kit I will put them up on my web site.

If you want to build your own version of the El Cheapo, I have updated the
page on my site (under "PICmicro", "Applications").  I have modified the
schematic so that it matches the PCB that comes with the book and I have
added a Windows interface that also has a build/test menu.  Note that along
with downloading the Windows interface, you will have to install a DLL
loader as well.

The Windows interface applications are both a bit less than 2 MB in size
(sorry they're so large) and are WinZIPed.  Upon download, they should be
unzipped and placed in a temporary directory with the "setup.exe"
application run to install them.

Note that if you are updating the software, you will have to remove the
previous version first (explained on the book page).

Lastly, people with Netscape browsers had problems accessing my site due to
my poor JavaScript skills.  I believe that these problems have been fixed.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please let me know.


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