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'[PIC]: virtual steerer'
2002\04\18@011654 by Tony Nixon

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Hi all,

A lot of work days are just plain boring, but some days you get to have
some fun.

I don't know if anyone remembers the remote controlled vehicles I've
been working on lately but...

The other day the boss mentioned it would be a good idea to eliminate
the crappy looking steering wheel bolted to a kitchen chair that we have
used in the past to steer the cars by remote control. It doesn't look
all that good in front of guests invited to see the crash tests.

I thought of ways to spruce it up, but just how do you spruce up a
kitchen chair with a steering wheel on it.

The best way maybe - eliminate the chair.

I now have a steering wheel that you just hold in your hand. A sensor
attached to the wheel hub along with a PIC detects the angle that the
wheel moves in free space and controls the steering wheel in the vehicle
via a radio modem link and a stepper motor. It looks real weird holding
the wheel and wearing a virtual reality headset to drive a car at 110
KPH that's up to a kilometer away.

It sure raised a few grins :-)

Best regards



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