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'[PIC]: uart asynchronous transmitter mode'
2007\07\30@091713 by ELKEJBOUT Mustapha

hi list,
I have a problem with the uart part of the pic16f628, I want to send some data, from RA0..3, on TX , here is the code:

list p=16f628
   include ""


tmp EQU 0x20
   org 0x00
   goto main

   org 0x04
   goto main
   ;; uart config:    asynchronous transmitter mode
   movlw 0x0        ; usrt initialization
   bsf STATUS, RP0     ;bank 1
   movlw 0x01f
   movwf TRISA
   movlw 0x19        ; X=25 to set baud rate for 9600bps
   movwf SPBRG
   bcf TXSTA,TX9
   bcf STATUS, RP0        ; bank 0
   clrf PORTA
   movf PORTA,W
   andlw 0x0f
   movwf TXREG
   goto mnloop


if I use a literal value the transmission occurs correctly but as I use a PORTA as input from which I should read the transmitted data, Only I got 0000000 on TX.
any help would be appreciate
thanks in advance

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2007\07\30@114611 by Dario Greggio

face picon face
ELKEJBOUT Mustapha wrote:

> mnloop
>     movf PORTA,W
>     andlw 0x0f
>     movwf TXREG
>     goto mnloop

You should wait for TRMT flag or TXIF flag, before (or after, it depends
on schools of thoughts...) sending a new char to TXREG...

Ciao, Dario

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