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'[PIC]: saving contents of memory'
2001\06\20@133844 by Mike Mansheim

never mind.  I just pasted into a new file right in mplab, and the
spacing is the same and everything.  Sometimes I miss the very
obvious looking for something "clever".

> After running a program in mplab (for a long time, in this case), is
> there a way to save the ram contents?  For example, I've got a watch
> window with 25 variables.  When the program is done, I'd like to save
> the watch window WITH the values of each variable at the time, rather
> than copying them down by hand.  I could paste the window contents into
> excel, but I'm wondering if there is something simpler.  Anyone know how
> to do this or a utility that does it?
> Thanks.

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