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'[PIC]: pooling our buying power to get better pric'
2001\07\24@034858 by Ron Anthony

Hello all.  Soon I'll be buying fairly large releases of 16F877-20/L and
switch to the 18F242 or 18F442 when they become available (PLCC pacakge).
Who uses the F877 PLCC chips in fair quantities, where it's worth our while
to pool our resources? Payment details can be worked out later.  As for the
company I'm working for, they can take visa, mc, ax, disc, paypal, and
whatever else.  International priority airmail shipping is no problem either
by Fed Ex, DHL, UPS.  Who's planning to migrate to the 18F in PLCC ???

Well it's just a thought anyway, I am going to buy my chips anyway, this is
just a way to take a little edge off, if it's worth the trouble who knows,
maybe not, too early to tell.

Who's game?

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