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'[PIC]: interfacing PIC16F877 with AD7713(adc)'
2003\02\28@104514 by John Sanderson

Hello Sivaram & PIC.ers,

One of my designs uses the I2C bus, controlled by the 16f877 MSSP.
It *also* has to communicate with an ad7715  16bit adc, this has an
SPI digital i/f.

Apparantly it's possible to run both I2C and SPI from one MSSP in
the PIC, but my attempts failed so I ended up doing the SPI > ad7715
in software. No big deal... at least the SPI bit, as for getting the adc
and PIC to talk sense to each other - a whole nother deal.
If this is of any interest to you let me know.

       best regards,   John

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> on 877. Is there anyway to use/apply "wired-or" kind of connection
> (available in the 68HC11 on the SPI ports) with the 877.
>Thanks in Advance,

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2003\02\28@110832 by John Dammeyer


We use an AD7710 in a project and have a 5.1K resistor between SDO and
SDI (MOSI and MISO). The SDI line is connected directly to the SDATA I/O
line of the 7710.  There are additional pins going to the A0, RFS and
TFS lines to select registers and reading/writing.

The same board also has conventional SPI devices like EEROMs and those
signals are connected directly to the SDI, SDO and SCLK of the 877.

I have one function for all the SPI communications and a special
function for the AD7710 communications and I do use the hardware SPI
registers to do all this.

John Dammeyer

Wireless CAN with the CANRF module now available.
Automation Artisans Inc.
Ph. 1 250 544 4950

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'[PIC]: interfacing PIC16F877 with AD7713(adc)'
2003\03\03@025919 by hael Rigby-Jones
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