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'[PIC]: interfacing ADXL202 to CCP'
2000\11\07@103335 by Simon Nield

Back in the mists of time (or at least the Piclist archives) it was mentioned that Analog Devices
have published the source code used on their little demo board with the 16c63 and an adxl202...
anyone know where I can get this code ? I have searched in vain on the AD website.


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2000\11\07@104332 by Alan B. Pearce

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The code is in an application note for the adxl202. I cannot remember the
document number, but I do remember that when I searched for the device, the app
note was one of the things on the page I could download. I have not yet tried to
use it, so cannot comment on how good or otherwise it is.

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2000\11\07@105136 by Martin Hill

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If it's the code I saw for interfacing the ADXL202 I would be very
wary, it might be simple but it doesn't give accurate answers for the
duty cycle when the g-force readings are changing.


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