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'[PIC]: finding a freeware for my P16PRO programme'
2002\07\16@105931 by Richard Mellina

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The wiring diagram and pcb layout is at .
There is also a list of companies that sell the kit.

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2002\07\16@142538 by Tal Dayan

My internet connection is currently down so I cannot verify the links but
you can find the schematics at (click on the hardware link
at the left). Note that the P16PRO has few version, one with a single VPP
that support up to 28 pin PIC's and one with two VPP's that supports up to
40 pin (if you are doing in circuit programming, both should work with any
chip size).

This site also has software that is free for 16F84 chips and 25$ otherwise.
You can also use the ic-prog free software but you need to change the
setting to match your programmer. Do a google search for 'icprog' and you
should find it.

There is a third software from somebody called 'Nigel' (sp?) and its URL was
mentioned on this list about a moth or two ago.

BTW, the kits for the P16PRO programmers are really cheap. If I recall
correctly it starts with 12$ (including PCB). Compatible power supply is
about 5$. I got mine from a vendor called Amazon something (follow the
Vendors links from the picallw site).

Last advice, before you go to, install Pop Up Stopper from ;-)


> {Original Message removed}

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