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'[PIC]: can bus'
2000\10\31@200245 by Gordon Varney

RE: Microchips can bus controller 2510.

What is the minimum code required to initialize a node that will only send
or receive 2 or 3 commands?

Can the 12C508 handle the task? If not what is the minimum microcontroller
required based on code size and functionally?

(Remember the existing code is C level not Assembly, and is 4.8K of code in
full size. I don't believe that all of the code is totally necessary.)

I am looking for ideas and suggestions....

Gordon Varney
Director of Engineering
Translectric Inc.

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'[PIC]: can bus'
2000\11\01@112910 by Bob Ammerman
picon face

I've not used the MCP2510, but I took a good look at it. Here's my thinking:

Communication with it uses SPI, that'll take 4 pins (CS, SI, SO and CLOCK).
You can use a fifth pin for interrupt driven processing.

You'll either need a PIC with hardware SPI, or you'll have to bit-bang the
SPI (not very difficult).

The chip is rather complex, with a lot of registers. I would guess that
you'd want more than the 1/2K of code space a 12C508 provides.

I would think a 16C505 might be a good 'bottom-end' chip here - more pins,
more code space. If you really don't need many pins for anything else a
12C509 could do the trick.

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems
(contract development of high performance, high function, low-level

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