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'[PIC]: a good programmer fo the 16F87X'
2001\01\06@021029 by Nigel Goodwin

In message <005101c07776$498d09c0$1d3d49d4@spock>, David Gomez Otero
<spam_OUTdavid.gomezTakeThisOuTspamUPCNET.ES> writes
>I am looking for a reliable programmer for the 16F87X family.
>Just right now I am using the AN589 and P16PRO hardware.
>As software programmers I am using the PROPIC and the PICALL.  both of them
>give me problems when programming the 16F87X but work correctly for the 16F84.
>does anybody use one of those without problems ?
>does anybody know a good and free one that could programm the 87X by using one
>these hardware schematics ?

You could try my software, it works under 32 bit windows (95,98,ME,NT),
and is free, you can download it from my website, you must also download
and install the freeware driver DLL for it to work. It works fine using
the P16PRO40 hardware.


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2001\01\08@005951 by etorius Johan * Spoornet

I use the propic with picall to program Pic16f877. Check the low voltage
programming pin on the pic 16F877. I  cut the track to this pin and it to
work now.


Johan Pretorius

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