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PICList Thread
'[PIC]: Your favorite Language & Compiler'
2003\03\17@122006 by Lawrence Lile

TOpic changed to [PIC]:

"Yea, brothers have comes to blows over this question, and much rolling of
eyes and gnashing of teeth has been heard in the Temple of PICs.  "
-an anonymous PIC prophet

Also, this subject gets beat to death about once a month.  Check the
PIClist archives for pleanty more. Here is my 2c:

There are way too many choices.  If you are going to do this
professionally, and are willing to invest money in it, I recommend Hitech

This will run you about $850 smackers.

If you can't afford that, CCS C is my second choice.  A 14 bit core
compiler costs $99 plus $99 a year maintenance if you want upgrades for
new PICs, plus if you want to program both 12 bit and 14 bit cores that's
another $99.  Over a few years this costs the same as Hitech, but you can
skip the maintenance a year or two and still work.


Hitech is ANSI C compliant and therefore  more portable.
OTOH, CCS is non-case sensitive, which is an AdVAntaGE for peOpLe like mE
who can't  tYpE.
CCS has more libraries for standard functions.  Hitech C tends to be more
bare-bones, roll-your own.
Hitech tends to be more stable.  CCS has less beta testing and therefore
less stability.
CCS' printf function takes less code space than Hitech's for some obscure
ANSI compliance reason that I never grasped.
In other cases, I would guess that Hitech could have a slight advantage in
code space over CCS, but I don't have data to back this up.
Most Microchip field reps use Hitech C, and Hitech IMHO has a better
online user support forum.

THe differences between these are really more minor than many people will
assert.  I have converted projects back and forth between them without a
lot of pain, and didn't see dramatic differences in the results (code
size, etc.)

And there are many, many other good choices.

-- Lawrence Lile

John Pearson <spam_OUTxeroTakeThisOuTspamCMC.NET>
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03/17/2003 09:48 AM
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       Subject:        Your favorite Language & Compiler

I am at the point where I need to make a decision about what Language and
compiler I want to go with. Maybe some of you can help me.

I am familiar with Basic and C.

I would prefer C but am open.

I want a library with lots of hardware support.

I want good documentation.

And of course, I would like the price to be within my means.



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