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'[PIC]: Yet another PIC competitor: LPC932 '
2002\10\29@184942 by Russell McMahon

Latest from Philips

Target around $US1.60 in 10k TSSOP
Presumably "slightly more" in hobbyist quantities.
A very nice semi low end device.

2 cycle 8051 core (6 x original), 8K flash UART, 512B EEROM,  256 B RAM, 512
B auxiliary RAM, UART, SPI, IIC, PWM, RC Osc 12 kHz to 12 MHz, 1 uA
powerdown, wakeup on everything, 2 comparators, 23 I/O in 28 pin pkg (26
with RC int clk), 2 x 16 bit timers AND Realtime clock (can be used as
system timer), 20 mA drive all pins ....much more

Active low reset !!! - huzzah. None of the 8051 active high stupidities!

NO A/D - the greatest single omission IMO.

A worthy PIC competitor.

Real ICE available "any week now".

Slightly revised notes from a friend:

The presentation is especially well done:


Currently targeting US$1.60 @ 10k pcs for LPC932 in TSSOP28 package.
The roadmap shown in the presentation shows what the whole family will look
before too long.

Of course there will be a very good emulator available (plus a few toy

The PDS900 will also function as a device programmer.

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