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'[PIC]: Wake up problem'
2000\11\15@234818 by Alex Thomas

Sorry I didn't put a subject in the original message. Here it is again.

>Hello all,
>I have been writing some code for a 16F84-04 @4MHz in XT mode. I have set
>the processor to wake up from SLEEP on the RB0 interrupt, which it is
>doing except it takes ~14ms to do so. I can't work out where this delay is
>coming from. The manual mentions the Oscillator-Startup-timer (OST) which
>is 1024 Tosc (256us @4MHz), but why am I seeing 14ms? Does anyone know
>what I am doing wrong, or is there another timer that I'm not aware of?
>Any suggestions or sympathies welcome.

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