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'[PIC]: Using ICD pins in real world'
2001\03\28@110353 by Quentin

Hope this is not an FAQ. ICD manual does not say anything about this.
I'll be using the ICD pins as switch inputs with 100ohm serial resistor,
pull up resistor (4K7), 5V1 Zener, 10nF cap. Do I need to disconnect
these for when I want to program/debug?
I guess RB6..7 will be ok as it is data (above is my standard filter for
input lines). What about RB3?

Also, I always use a 10microF and 10K for my MCLR as startup reset. Will
this affect the VPP?


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2001\03\28@165845 by Bruce Cannon

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Mchip's In Circuit Serial Programming Guide does cover your questions.

Bruce Cannon
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2001\03\28@185125 by Bob Ammerman

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RB3 isn't really needed for ICD on 16F87x as long as low voltage programming
has been disabled on the chip. If LVP has not been disabled then you just
have to be sure RB3 reads low when set as an input by the PIC.

You're connections to RB6 and RB7 are probably Ok, with the exception of the
cap, that might give you trouble with rise times on the ICD signals.

For simple switch inputs your conditioning this is probably overkill (unless
the swithces are on long wires or have some other issue around them). I'd be
tempted to go with just 1K series and the built in PORTB pullups for

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems
(contract development of high performance, high function, low-level

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