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'[PIC]: Universal ZIF in an El Cheapo Programmer'
2001\09\20@205458 by N3BOB

picon face
I just want to confirm this before I zap any chips.

I installed an Aries 40-Pin Universal ZIF socket that accepts both the wide (0.6") and the thin (0.3") ICs. Additional Vcc, Gnd, MCLR, Strobe, and Select lines were wired to the appropriate pins on the ZIF to accommodate the various smaller PIC chips.
The question is: While programming a particular PIC chip, does it matter that some of its I/O ports may be inadvertently subjected to the programming voltages?
Leon N3BOB

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2001\09\20@220604 by Mike Kendall

Howdy Leon,
   I'm wondering as I started to build an El Cheapo programmer myself.  It
appeared in the book that I needed to "chop up" a few different types of ZIF
sockets.  Is this type that you are discussing a ready unit to be soldered
into the board that is provided with the book?  If so, can you please
provide a link for the web page or ordering info on it?
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