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'[PIC]: Sony Remote CCP Receiver'
2001\11\29@212000 by Josh Koffman

Hi all. It's late, and yes I really did try to search the archives, but
so far I've come up with nothing. I want to decode a standard Sony IR
remote. I was thinking that if I used the CCP module I could free up
some processor time, plus give me an excuse to learn more about that
module. Anyway, I'm looking for any code. All I've found is some C code
on the piclist website, and some 12bit core code. Am I even approaching
this right?


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2001\11\30@044426 by Anand Dhuru

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Hi Josh,

Here you go; although the code is meant for the stamp, it would also compile
with many of the Basic flavors available.

There are similiar codes available for non-specific remotes as well (as in,
not necessarily Sony)



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