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'[PIC]: Some questions answered'
2001\04\18@182303 by Barry Gershenfeld

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>For example, if there was a possibility that you would have to change the
>PCLATH register before executing a "goto" instruction, you could use the

This demonstrates that there are more uses for conditional assembly
than immediately apparent. (Translation: Ooh, clever!)

I assume the idea behind this is that the PCLATH code will be
automatically inserted or left out, depending on what you
added or took out in your last editing session.  In other words,
the day that called routine bumps to another page, the conditional
code "wakes up" and gets compiled.

In myke's statement

>you look at the sample code above, you will see if the PCLATH register is
>not updated, then an equal number of "nop" instructions are executed.

I would stress saying "compiled" rather than "executed".  It seems like
a detail, but it's important for those using it to understand that the
excluded code is not compiled.  Which will become apparent after
you go hunting through your object code looking for the "false"
branch when in fact it's not there!


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