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'[PIC]: Solid State Relay -- >'
2001\05\17@122531 by Raymond Choat

Could anyone suggest a solid state relay that would hook to a pic for
controlling a 5 am induction motor? Would an opto22 work or ??? How would
you hook the diodes for flyback protection when the power is turned off? I
understand how to do this on a DC circuit but not AC.
Thanks in advance

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2001\05\17@133244 by Michael C. Reid

go to

they are a leading manufacturer of solid state relays, and have many
different versions.

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2001\05\17@220811 by Thomas M. Grohman

You might consider one of the zero crossover SSRs.  If your motor
application can tolerate the < 1/2 cycle delay, switching the motor off
while voltage is zero eliminates some of the transient current issues.
Crydom has both random and zero crossover types within your specified
current ratings.  Digikey distributes a wide selection of Crydom SSRs.
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2001\05\18@140745 by Peter L. Peres

picon face
You can buy one from Jameco or better try a local distributor. Buy one
that has a datasheet (!) and in the datasheet you will probably find the
required damping network for a 5A motor.

You need to be aware that 5A AC motors draw 20+A at start so NTCs and
small resistors (1-5ohms) are sometimes used to temper them besides the
usual RC damper networks. You do not use diode networks in AC for damping,
but antiseries high power tranzorbs can be used sometimes.


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